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Magic words are strings of text that MediaWiki associates with a return value or function, such as time, site details, or page names. This page is about usage of standard magic words; for a technical reference, see Şablon:Mediawiki.

Page-dependent magic words will affect or return data about the current page (by default), even if the word is added through a transcluded template or included system message.


Variables return information about the current page, wiki, or date. Their syntax is similar to templates. Variables marked as "[expensive]" are tracked by the software, and the number that can be included on a page is limited.

If a template name conflicts with a variable, the variable will be used (so to transclude the template Şablon:PAGENAME you would need to write {{Şablon:PAGENAME}}). In some cases, adding parameters will force the parser to invoke a template; for example, {{CURRENTDAYNAME|x}} transcludes Şablon:CURRENTDAYNAME, not the variable.